Planning Phase (2014)

Planning Phase (2014)

The planning phase was finished at the end of 2014. 

Vision Document

In the planning phase, the project team – together with the EB, academy directors, heads of services and Participation Council – developed and adopted a vision of the new campus. The vision document presents an overview of the required and useful elements in the areas of physical environment, culture, and visualisation / recognisability.

Master Plan

The master plan is a follow-up to the vision document and is a more detailed elaboration of the vision document in terms of spatial, organisational and financial aspects, as well as opportunities and risks. The master plan presents an outline of what’s going to be built where on the campus (usage plan). This usage plan was compiled partially on the basis of interviews held with key persons within the academies and services. The master plan has been elaborated in detail in a Programme of Requirements (PoR) which serves as the point of departure for the design.

Design Competition

In the planning phase, a design competition for students was organised under the direction of the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility. The competition generated a range of creative ideas from Leisure and Urban Design students, among others. With the vision of the campus and the master plan as a guiding principle, they worked out their ideas and wove them together into a bid book. The ideas in this bid book were included in the ultimate design.

Watch Chapter 1 of The Making of the new campus here (planning phase).