Design Phase (2015)

Design Phase (2015)

The design phase started in March 2015 and was completed, according to the plan, in April 2016.

European Tendering Process

After an extensive European tendering process, we awarded the campus design contract to InboCuld. The preliminary design was developed in the period from March to September 2015. From October 2015 onwards, the design team has been working on the development of the final design. The final design was completed in April 2016.

Design Process

From March through June 2015 the design team gathered as much as possible information from within our organisation. For this phase – much the same as in the plan phase – we invited a substantial number of employees to participate. To get a clear picture of what’s important to people in our organisation, the design team talked with academies, services, working groups and committees, and they organised Campus Labs (workshops) for students and employees. After the summer of 2015 the design team worked on the final design in close cooperation with academies and services.

Campus Design Lab

We want to make the design process as transparent as possible, which is why we set up a Campus Design Lab in the H-building at the Mgr. Hopmansstraat location. This is where the design team, together with the project team, has been working on the design of the new campus.

Campus Roadshow

In October 2015 (preliminary design) and in May 2016 (final design), some 200 students and employees visited the  Campus Roadshow, during which the design for the new campus was presented. The campus team visited all locations to tell students and staff everything about the design of the new campus. Impressions and layouts of the buildings were shown, the campus scale model was on display and the Virtual Tour and The making of the new campus were shown. You will find all this on this website.

Watch Chapter 2 of The Making of the new campus here (design phase).

An overview of the new green campus grounds:









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