Construction Phase (2017-2020)

Construction Phase

The construction and conversion of the new campus will be carried out in various constituent projects, which have been started in the summer of 2017 (according to the plan). The campus is scheduled to be completed in the year 2020.

Conversion of the convent

The construction and conversion work on the convent are in full swing. The work was awarded to Mertens Bouwbedrijf from Weert. In May 2017 they started wit the preparations. Up until the construction workers’ holiday, hardly any changes to the convent exterior were visible. Since the start of the convent renovation, a lot of work has been done, with the convent being due for completion in July 2018.

Click here for the latest photo reports or check the webcams in the margin.

Experience plan

Ontwerpbureau B&W, together with the campus team and the academies, have created an experience plan – based on the final design made by InboCuld – to give a visual impression of the North and South building sections of the convent and the current main building.

By now, Ontwerpbureau B&W has almost finished the experience plan concerning the current H-building (former mavo).

Watch the video’s here.

Watch Chapter 4 of The Making of the new campus here (construction phase / 1).

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