Our Executive Board has appointed Thea van Sambeeck as project leader of the campus project. She was commissioned to write a project plan and design a project organisation. Vision and approach have been articulated in a master plan, which was set up within this project organisation in collaboration with external advisor Brink Groep (construction consultancy).

How is the project organised?

An important part of the project organisation is the steering group. This steering group is formed by delegates from the Executive Board, academies, services and our participation council. Decisions will be taken by the commissioner (the Executive Board) with the agreement of the steering group. Another important element in the project organisation is the project team. This project team supports the project leader with planning and logistics, administration and communication.

Who can contribute ideas?

Especially in the Design Phase (April 2015 until April 2016) a lot of working groups and commissions were involved. Not only employees of NHTV, but particularly students too will be actively involved in the development of the new campus. This happens, among other things, in the form of projects and research placements. Local residents and other external stakeholders are also actively involved.