Start convent reconstruction

May 16, 2017

Start convent reconstruction

Preparations for starting the renovation of the convent are in full swing. The reconstruction work has been tendered out to Mertens Bouwbedrijf of Weert. On the basis of Inboculd’s definitive design, Ontwerpbureau B&W has worked on an experience plan for reconstructing the convent together with the NHTV Campus project team and academies. It is not entirely definitive yet, but we can already show some parts of the southern building. The interior design of the convent will be completed in May and the total experience plan (for the entire campus) will follow in July.

Watch the video impression here (made by Ontwerpbureau B&W).

From courtyard garden to atrium

Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep the courtyard gardens as they are now, because we will need the space for other purposes. In the northern part, the courtyard garden will be transformed into a stylish atrium which is where the Library and a ‘study landscape’ will be located. The southern part will accommodate the student training company (restaurant) of our hotel management school.

Atrium (source: Ontwerpbureau B&W)








Luckily, there will still be lots of green left around the convent, and we were able to make many NHTV’ers happy with the beautiful plants and shrubs from the two courtyard gardens.

Do we have your interest piqued? Here is a photo series of the plant digging activities.

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